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ENDF Tv releases new video

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The quantity of rockets covered up in a distribution center. He was altered from quiet submission to two specialists. “We believe that Ethiopia is a country with a colossal potential to give a sufficient proportion of rural items that could assist the country with supplanting imports and go to purchase numerous totals,” said Tewodros.

Address the columnist this week, Executive Director of EHPEA, Tewodros Zewdie, Government and common insufficiencies of experts in Earth Specialists and its managerial structures that cover everything, in the gigantic solicitation that comes from organizations Cultivation all through the world and assets. In a few bits of the country.

Data progressing shows that Ethiopia has in excess of 15 million hectares of cultivable land. Be that as it may, the Ethiopian Business Agriculture zone has had the choice of acquiring just 1400 hectares of land all through the country.

The region of ​​agriculture contributes around a huge piece of one billion every year for complete exchange proceeds with the country and uses in excess of 200,000 Ethiopians, bringing about being outstanding amongst other five most significant regions that add to the commitment of cash and pay generators of the rate.

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