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Engineer Seleshi Bekele’s Urgent Statement about GERD

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Ethiopia is focused on proceeding with its commitment with Egypt and Sudan to address the remarkable issues and settle the Guidelines and Rules on the principal filling and yearly activity of the GERD.

The “text” supposedly initialed by the Arab Republic of Egypt in Washington D.C. isn’t the result of the arrangement or the specialized and lawful conversation of the three nations. Ethiopia clarified that the Guidelines and Rules should be set up by the three nations. The nations are yet to deliver exceptional issues relating to the conclusion of the Guidelines and Rules.

The position held by Egypt and Sudan hypothesizing that the second round of filling GERD ought not be refined except if an arrangement is reached on the whole development of GERD has no legitimate sponsorship, the assertion focused.

Ethiopia, with the full information and arrangement of Egypt and Sudan, has tended to all dam wellbeing related issues during the International Panel of Experts measure. Egypt and Sudan had communicated their appreciation under Principle 8 of the DoP and Ethiopia will keep on carrying out it in accordance with some basic honesty, the assertion noted.

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