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Entertaining interview with artist Eyerusalem (Jerry)

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Sunday on EBS – I even took out of resentment from my dad – craftsman Eyerusalem (Jerry). So we gathered our packs and went directly to the easy route street driving us to Mt. Yerer by means of CMC (north of Addis Ababa). Actually quite difficult. We spent the following six hrs attempting to arrive at the foundation of the mountain. Coming, which ends up being the hardest piece of our experience.

We crossed five little waterways and immense farmland. The street was without trees where we longed for concealing ourselves from the searing sun. Outright agrarian fields stretched out from the suburbia of Addis to the tip of the mountain. In our little situation, it was difficult to stay away from conversations about the debased climate, and what it had meant for the environment.

Fortunately, the opposite side of Mt. Yererwas sitting tight for us with something else altogether; it’s situated in the midst of a very green and all-around protected woodland. The main non-green region is the carport which stretches out from the tip to the base prompting Dukem, an unassuming community 37 km south of Addis Ababa.

In transit downhill towards Dukem, we met one of the scouts guarding the woods. He disclosed to us the timberland was saved by the provincial organization. While conversing with him a herd of bushbucks crossed our direction. The scout likewise advised us there were numerous different animals including endemic birds, primates, wild felines, and an assortment of butterflies.

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