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Ere Enja Yamlu Molla ft. Hanna Girma

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Ethiopian music: Artist Yamlu Molla ft. Hanna Girma (Official Audio), Song Writer – Yamlu Molla, Music Producer – Yamlu Molla, Mixing and Mastering – @yamlumollastudios, Masinqo – Haddis Alemayehu (haddinQo), and Video – Tsegaye Desta. Applications for the opposition and enrollment for the occasion are no open on the TGB site. Application for the opposition is open until May 10, 2021. Many new companies and SME undertakings are occupied with the material business which is perhaps the main monetary area in Ethiopia. Be that as it may, these new businesses and SMEs do not have what it takes of gaining admittance to worldwide business sectors and taking advantage of the colossal capability of the objective market.

The focal point of the ‘Plan Market Access’ program is to tell these organizations the best way to improve admittance to worldwide business sectors. The design training camp and thought contest coordinated by The Good Business (TGB) targets giving Ethiopian affect new companies and SMEs with new essential methodologies through information move and trade on how they can improve their creation, increment their range, support their effect and make occupations along with their production network even now and again of a pandemic.

Two days of master expertise The ‘Plan Market Success’ Fashion Bootcamp happens on the nineteenth and twentieth May 2021. The program is essentially focused on new businesses and SMEs in the design business but at the same time is available to organizations or players along with the whole store network.

The featured discussions, conversations, and board chats with neighborhood and global specialists from the different business sections will zero in on themes like the capability of feasible organizations, the colossal chances of agreeable creation, the streamlining of creation and coordination, showcasing techniques, and web-based business. Interest through Zoom is for nothing. However, pre-enlistment is essential as the number of members is restricted.

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