Eregnaye drama stars singing orthodox songs

Music is described as “the art or science of mixing vocal or instrumental sounds, or both, to produce beauty or form, harmony, and expression of emotion” in the Concise Oxford Dictionary. In this way, over the course of its lengthy history, Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church has created its own distinctive music that blends vocals with regional instruments almost exclusively for the purpose of praising God. The origins of music may be traced all the way back to its creation. After being created, the angels immediately began to sing praises to God. The urge for music is one of their fundamental demands since God created both angels and humans with the intention that they would exalt His name and inherit His Kingdom. As a result, both humans and angels have a natural desire to create and listen to music. Although humans and angels exhibit a stronger musical proclivity, it may be argued that all creatures with life enjoy music. We are aware that birds have their own distinctive, lovely song and sing in their own style. If so, we can infer that God, the source of all gifts, created all living things with a need for creating and appreciating music. The heavenly beings have been praising God since the beginning of creation. People have cherished music for as long as there have been humans because it is a natural gift and spiritual food. People have utilized music for a number of purposes for centuries, albeit the song and substance may alter depending on the culture. According to situation and circumstance, Ethiopian music can be broadly divided into five groups, each having a distinctive melody.

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