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It can be difficult to decide whether to pursue acting. It is difficult to continuously be told that you are up against it or that there are safer solutions in other industries. But what people frequently fail to grasp is that studying acting teaches you much more than just how to act. You gain knowledge that is essential to practically every industry. You acquire adaptable and transferable skills that you can use for a variety of purposes.
Make your own judgment. The eight talents listed below are some of the ones you can learn while studying acting. If nothing else, actors are communicators. No, not all of them are outgoing people-pleasers, but when your profession is to perform in front of an audience or for a camera, you get very good at knowing how to interact with others. Actors have played over a thousand different characters and participated in over a thousand different scenes, so they are skilled at knowing what to say and when to say it. It’s far too simple to adopt the persona of the wealthy businessman or the upbeat hippie. They are chameleons, and since learning to speak another person’s language accounts for half of communication, they have it down to a science. Public speaking is acting. Period. Although actors memorize and use other people’s words, there is nothing to prevent them from doing the same with their own speeches or other works. Because actors frequently perform in front of cast, crew, and perhaps even audience members, they are accustomed to being the focus of attention and in front of a crowd. Speaking in front of a large audience is nothing compared to what performers have to perform on camera or on stage.

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