“Eregnaye” season 4 episode 1

When two biological brothers who were split up as kids learned that they now live 15 minutes apart, go to the same college, and share the same major and minor, they were astonished. My entire body experienced an instant chill, from my head to my toes. I initially believed it to be impossible. Once I saw him in a photo, I recognized my father. I saw our father. I was aware that it was genuine. Randy had the chance to learn more about his father, whom he had never met, and the rest of his family through the unplanned reunion. My father, who I’ve never met and who I’ve never seen in person, has been sending me texts about a variety of topics, including images of my grandfather and information about the side of the family that I was never privy to. I found a new brother on the same phone call that I lost my older sibling. Now that is divine. There isn’t any other way to phrase it, therefore I don’t know what else to say. Both brothers agree that they had wonderful adoptive families as children, but they still wish to learn more about their biological roots. I’ve been wondering my entire life and am 65 years old. As you age, you want to leave a legacy. You want to learn about your bloodline.

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