Eregnaye’s character Menigistu and some facts about Amanuel

When you first start making movies, there may seem to be too much to understand and concentrate on. What constitutes a good movie, though, is the most crucial question to ask. Every artist in the film industry has one fundamental goal in mind: to arouse emotion and thought. I suppose that’s two things, then. However, that is not the purpose. The filmmaker wants to reach as many viewers as possible with his or her message. The movie requires that unique x-factor to capture the attention of a very large crowd in order to be seen by a lot of people. Since we emerged from the Cro-Magdon stage of evolution, and possibly even earlier, humans have been telling tales. Over the course of a dozen generations and hundreds or even thousands of years, there are some stories and parts of stories that have been passed down. There is nothing better than a fantastic tale that is skillfully told, regardless of the genre you are writing or filming in. Everyone is familiar with the fundamental components of a well-structured story: a trip that leaves the protagonist or the major character changed at the conclusion. Not necessarily having a complicated plot is the real secret to making a memorable movie. Contrarily, simplicity always wins. A memorable story doesn’t require you to construct a complete universe. The complexity is less important than how you present the story. You have the fundamentals of a good story as long as it advances and finally results in a change or lesson learnt.

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