Eregnaye’s Emama Chernet in New York

You’re probably used to writing Facebook updates and newsletters that cater to fans, but many artists struggle with how to give each fan the individualized attention they want. After all, you’re occupied with marketing, concert promotion, tour planning, and, oh yeah, music-making. Ultimately, there isn’t enough time or money to have lengthy conversations with single fans on a regular basis. The good news is that you can connect with specific fans in a variety of ways for free and in a very short amount of time. To create those connections and learn a little bit more about each of your fans, try these five strategies. It can be difficult to communicate with your devoted followers one-on-one, but by creating a private Facebook group and inviting them to join, you can not only give them extra attention but also expand your fan base by connecting your biggest followers with one another. Since it’s simpler to think of ideas and make plans using Facebook threads, this could also result in the formation of an enthusiastic and unified street team. Make sure the group has a name that implies exclusivity to give it a little extra zing of specialness. Before making your album art public, post first listens, demos, or other examples of it. Include standard social media content in the group as well, but make sure to add enough exclusives to emphasize its uniqueness. Make sure to “like” and comment on every post and to check in at least once per day. Seriously.

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