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Esam Habesha’s sister speaks

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Aside from vehicles, the office’s perceptions around hardly any administration foundations in the course of recent weeks discovered PCs, workstations and work areas, racks, copiers, tables, and a lot more kinds of properties are inactive, said Haji.

The organization said it will lead a cross country property enrollment crusade before the finish of March in at any rate 35 higher government establishments cross country.

As indicated by State Minister of Finance, Eyob Tekalign (Ph.D.), to dodge acquirement related issues, an updated obtainment bill has been conceived and the record shipped off the Council of Ministers.

The new acquisition law, which is relied upon to be endorsed by the parliament before the finish of the monetary year, desires to address a portion of the issues around obtainment. The current acquisition declaration requires a long and muddled cycle and spotlights on recommendations, yet the new bill has acquired essential changes numerous ways, Eyob said.

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