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Eskinder Nega’s letter from Kaliti on current situations

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Eskinder Nega’s letter from Kaliti jail, Ethiopia Election 2021. Eskinder Nega was brought into the world to profoundly taught guardians, his dad having accomplished alumni work at Rutgers University and his mom at the American University of Beirut. They ultimately separated and his mom, with whom Nega lived, opened a facility.

Eskinder went to Sandford School in Addis Ababa.[citation needed] Nega moved to the United States during the 1980s where he went to school, at that point contemplated financial aspects at American University. Nega got back to Ethiopia in 1991 after the Marxist Derg was expelled by EPRDF powers.

As proofreader of the paper Satenaw, Nega was captured on 28 November 2005 after shows against the aftereffects of the Ethiopian general political race on 15 May 2005. Nega was accused of the capital offenses of conspiracy. Acquittal International assigned him a detainee of soul, Nega was seen as liable and served seventeen months’ detainment prior to being delivered by official exoneration toward the finish of 2007.

He established his first paper, Ethiopis, in 1993. He likewise established Other Newspapers like Askual, Satenaw, and Menelik. On April 25, 2020, Nega was by and by captured by Addis Ababa Police on grounds that are yet to be indicated however delivered that very day. In 30 June 2020, he was captured once more.

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