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Ethiopia and Eritrea play football match at Bahir Dar International Stadium today

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Every day Ethiopian News July 17, 2021, Mereja Today. Ethiopia and Eritrea play a football match at Bahir Dar International Stadium today. To make reference to a couple, following the new one-sided helpful truce announced by the central government he praised the TPLF fear monger for controlling Mekelle. He tweeted via web-based media accounts: “We have won.” Though heading a worldwide association with an obligation to shield the world from wellbeing compromising sicknesses, for example, COVID-19, he has been engaged in sharing bogus messages about the ethnic-patriot fear-monger bunch TPLF.

The chief general of WHO then again couldn’t have cared less about the thing was going on in Myanmar and in South Africa as of late. He clearly doesn’t address the global-local area but instead a lobbyist of a fear-based oppressor bunch where he should have been while in Ethiopia. The World Health Organization headed by Dr. Tedros Adhanom has likewise experienced expanding offense, misrepresentation, and unscrupulous works on, as per a free monetary review report. Where was the chief general?

Last June, the World Health Organization (WHO) delivered a review report on its 2020 presentation and World HIV/AIDS Health Care Foundation has asked Dr. Tedros Adhanom not to run briefly term, following claims of unfortunate behavior. Dr. Tedros Adhanom has been freely approached to venture down, following expanding wrongdoing, misrepresentation in the association.

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