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Ethiopia Artist Genet Nigatu lost her father

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Meeting with Artist Genet Negat and her family on Seifu on EBS show with Host Seifu Fantahun.

Among the proposition, out of the five expressed books, Book-3 and Book-4 are not identified with exchange business; consequently, ought to be ordered independently in a Financial Code. Then, the leftover three books will be revised and arrangements added.

During Monday’s meeting, the CoM held a discussion on the arrangements of the draft bill and later embraced it, to be shipped off the House of People’s Representatives (HPR). The Reporter has discovered that the affirmed bill has been evaluated for over 18 years with the support of a few experts and lawful specialists.

Another critical draft bill indorsed by the CoM in a similar meeting is the draft bill endorsed between the Ethiopian government and CORBETTI, for a force buy understanding. This specific draft understanding is accepted to be an achievement for the nation, acquiring the private area into the raid, interestingly.

As indicated by the assertion delivered by the Office of the Prime Minister, this draft enactment will give the green light for Corbetti and Tulu Moye organizations, to build up a 300MW Geothermal Power, in a Public-Private Partnership arrangement.

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