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Ethiopia Artists in Kesela Tsion Mariam church


The improvement manager called the experts from the 6th floor, who couldn’t hear him. The boss encroached upon the grounds that the agent couldn’t hear the business’ call.

So the supervisor dropped the silver on top of the expert’s foot, the worker took the money and put it in his pocket, and continued with his work.

The expert got the money and put it in his pocket. He went to work again. Finally, he threw one more piece of silver and couldn’t get the expert’s idea. He got a little stone and thrown it at the subject matter expert. The stone found the expert’s head. It was since the worker looked vertically and began to talk with the chief. This story resembles our life. The Creator needs to connect with us. Notwithstanding, we are so fascinated with normal work that the Creator gives us a little gift, and we continue with our work. We don’t have the chance to look straight ahead. Before long, the Creator gives us a favored gift over beforehand. We really take the gift and express appreciation to the Creator. We don’t endeavor to look as straight as could really be expected. Likewise, when we hit somewhat stone, that is, where we track down a little issue, we fire rotating toward the sky and yelling and a while later we start bantering with the Creator. Thusly, whenever we get a gift in our lives, we should rapidly thank the Creator and never hold on until we are battered to the place of death. Permit us by and large to meet the Creator.