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Ethiopia responds to US decision on travel visa ban

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Concerning the US choice on the movement boycott, The service of international concerns gave a press articulation, This is notwithstanding its past choices to confine financial and security help to Ethiopia. In such manner, the Ethiopian Government might want to express the accompanying focuses: This choice came when the Ethiopian Government has been connecting emphatically and valuably with the U.S. organization on issues of normal concern.

This was the soul with which the Ethiopian Government invited the new U.S. Extraordinary Envoy for the Horn of Africa, Mr. Jeffrey Feltman, who met and held broad interviews with senior government authorities, including the Prime Minister. It likewise conveys an off-base message when Ethiopia is outfitting to hold public races, which is required to introduce another political allotment in the country.

The sixth National Election would prepare for a comprehensive exchange once another administration expected office. Thus, at this significant crossroads, the Ethiopian government was anticipating backing and understanding and not such sort of misguided measures to superfluously dominate the decisions. Ethiopia joins incredible significance to its memorable and well disposed relationship with the United States which has stood the trial of time. That is the reason the public authority discovers it incredibly unfortunate that the ramifications of the visa limitations and other related measures viewed before will appropriately sabotage this longstanding and significant two-sided relationship.

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