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Ethiopia will forever be Ethiopia – Lt. General Bacha Debele

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Ethiopia will always be “Ethiopia” Lieutenant General Bacha Debele’s discourse at Tobia expressions stage on Arts TV. They are our Bosses, we will consistently regard them. Lieutenant General Bacha Debele. As of now, the Ethiopian Defense Forces is the last fortress of the nation and not the fortification of an ideological group, said Lt. Gen. Bacha Debele, Chief of Defense Forces. He said the Ethiopian Defense Forces, not Ethiopia, was the last fortification of progressive vote based system three or four years prior.

“Presently, the Ethiopian Defense Forces is the last fortification of the country, not the fortress of an ideological group,” he said. He said different ideological groups are working for an extensive change in the nation, adding that this is in accordance with the fundamental thought. Gen. Bacha said the ideological groups in the nation have consistently been regarded for putting the country before power.

Lt. Gen. Bacha, who has been a lifelong fan of the nation’s initiative and philosophy, said he has made each penance despite the intrusion of our country. “Ethiopia needs an Ethiopian warrior,” said Lt. Gen. Becha. In spite of this, As ENA revealed that the military was coordinated in a way that kept up with public vision and solidarity, instead of the fort that existed years prior.

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