Ethiopian artist and their families celebrating 2016 new year

Enkutatash is a holiday celebrated by the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, a branch of Christianity, and the general public to mark the end of the three-month rainy season. Programmes for church events in certain locations begin on the eve of Enkutatash and go until the following morning. A church from the 14th century is where the primary religious event is held. Three days of worship are held by Kidus Yohannes in the Ethiopian city of Genet, which is located in the Gondar area. They ring in the New Year with prayers, songs, and vibrant processions. The greatest religious gathering is held close to Addis Abeba, the capital. The grandest festival is held in the Raguel chapel atop Entoto Mountain. Wild flower bouquets are picked and given as gifts to family and friends. The region is awash in Meskal daisies as a result of the rainy season! Children will also give their friends hand-painted saint portraits. Enkutatash marks the beginning of spring and new beginnings. Ethiopians love to eat this hot chicken stew. Injera, an Ethiopian flatbread that is spongy and composed of teff flour, is eaten with boiled eggs, rice, and slow-cooked chicken stewed with chile, garlic, berbere, cardamom, and ginger. a dish made with beef, lamb tripe, liver, and seasonings. It is typically served raw and is typically scooped up with injera. Actually, injera is three things in one.

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