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Ethiopian artists before and after pictures

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Although rhinoplasty is one of the most frequent types of plastic surgery, it isn’t always an aesthetic procedure. For many people, nose surgery is the result of a serious health problem, and the most common cause is a deviated septum. While many celebrities have had work done on their noses to help them breathe easier, others have completely admitted to having had nose jobs for the sake of beauty, while still others prefer not to comment or acknowledge to plastic surgery at all. Whatever the case may be, it is entirely up to them. It’s a fairly typical occurrence: and, yes, a slew of celebrities have undergone cosmetic changes. Arriving in Hollywood, of course, means having access to some of the world’s greatest plastic surgeons, the majority of whom are skilled at modifying a celebrity’s face just enough to make them look like a more appealing version of their God-given self. Translation: Not everyone gets a completely new face, but rather a slimmer nose here, a chin implant there, a subtle brow lift—the list continues on and on. We’ve put up a list of 30 celebs who all appear to have undergone some cosmetic surgery. Granted, several have aged or slimmed down, which can contribute to facial changes, but if you look closely at their actual characteristics, you’ll notice that they all seem a little different than they did previously. But, well, we’re not here to pass judgment.

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