Ethiopian cultural dress named after corona

Habesha ladies wear Habesha kemis, which is their traditional dress. Ethiopian and Eritrean ladies typically wear the ankle-length dress to formal parties, holidays, and invites. However, it currently appears in a variety of forms. It is normally constructed of cotton cloth and comes in white, grey, or beige colors. Many women also wear a netela blanket around their formal gown.

Paradise Fashion was founded on a passion for traditional Ethiopian handweaving and a desire to conserve the tradition’s beauty while also providing sustainable employment possibilities for Ethiopian women. Our Exclusively Ethiopian fashion collection, which features exceptionally attractive organic women’s clothes, grew out of this inspiration.

Our ethical fashion line combines traditional Ethiopian handwoven fabrics with contemporary design to create limited-edition scarves, caftans, trendy Ethiopian dresses, and other handcrafted clothing. The cornerstone of the bespoke, high-quality fabric fabrication for each collection of Ethiopian clothes is the correct mix of design and tradition.

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