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Ethiopian defense issued urgent statement on Tigray Case – Abel Berhanu

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Abel Birhanu every day Ethiopian news update on 15 September 2021. The Ethiopian National Defense Forces (ENDF) has given an assertion today approaching Tigrayan youth and the local army, who it said were being utilized by the T.P.L.F “as instruments in the annihilation of Ethiopia,” to give up calmly. The Army additionally advised the young and civilian army to “quit being casualties of” T.P.L.F’s “erratic conflict.”

The ENDF blamed TPLF pioneers as “a couple of psychological militant pioneers” driven by “the insatiability of force” and who are forfeiting individuals of Tigray to no end to get away from law and order. It additionally guarantees that the T.P.L.F pioneers were “confounding and constraining individuals with bogus purposeful publicity to make them antagonistic to the adjoining states and the Ethiopian public overall.”

The assertion further said the ENDF was “quietly engaging” to individuals of Tigray, particularly the adolescent and volunteer army individuals since it was “worried about the fear-based oppressor’s ruinous way, similar to the remainder of the Ethiopian public are.”

The assertion referenced an extended rundown of what it said were the wrongs of the TPLF which it blamed not set in stone “to make power its timeless legacy” however missing the mark concerning the individuals who need to “obliterate Ethiopia” alongside annihilating itself.

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