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Ethiopian defense release new information about Getachew Reda

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The press articulation was given by the Ethiopian police commission. To accomplish their objective, the gatherings have kept befuddling and deluding nations and establishments by scattering counterfeit news and hypotheses, he uncovered. “In such manner, a mission is being done against our country. Not exclusively are bogus data created however different powers have additionally been politicizing the dam and internationalizing this advancement project.”

Nonetheless, the representative leader focused on that the public authority, which has been depended with public trust, is preparing for the fruition of the dam immediately. Ethiopia has progressed significantly to change some unacceptable story and the predominant the state of affairs on impartial usage of Nile River, Demeke noted, adding that “the whole Ethiopian researchers ought to, nonetheless, boost their endeavors on the advanced front and facilitate the pressing factor in such manner.”

The delegate head said, “We are presently moving to the highest point of the mountain. However obstructions have reliably been put on our way. We ought to at present cooperate to additional our public premium. It is in this way basic to connect with powerful political exercises, particularly the researchers of the country and the young.”

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