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Ethiopian human rights commission statement about Raya and Kobo

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Zehabesha News day by day Ethiopian news update on 19 September 2021. Ethiopian common liberties commission proclamation about Raya and Kobo. In an assertion posted on its authority Twitter page on Friday, September 17, 2021, the Executive Committee (EC) of the Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) uncovered its choice to pull out from the deferred general decisions.

The EC, which held its common gathering in Jigjiga between September 7 – 10 2021, and again on September 16, 2021, talked about various issues appropriate to the current undertakings of the nation and “contemplated on the critical circumstance creating in the Horn of Africa, Ethiopia, and the Somali state.”

To this end, the EC emphasized its solid obligation to peacefulness and expressed its choice to seek after its political points through exchange and quiet interaction in spite of the difficulties and uncalled for treatment the ONLF has been exposed to since its appearance into the nation following the nonaggression treaty between the party and the Ethiopian government, the assertion showed.

As per the assertion, the EC assessed the party’s readiness to partake in the coming decisions and talked with its individuals and allies wisely. Accordingly, after this cautious consultation, the EC passed a choice to pull out from the 2021 decisions.

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