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Ethiopian Music Kal Kin Kaleab Interview

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An engaging meeting with craftsman Kal Kin Kaleab. The normal new alumni joining the work market today procure under 5,000 birrs per month. What can 5,000 birr cover in a month? On the off chance that you take the capital city Addis Ababa, convenience in itself requires no under four or 5,000 birr a month.

All in all, what is left of the month-to-month compensation? How could everyday costs be covered with a particularly small compensation? Like I said before, back as a college graduate associate, 1,000 birrs used to be a huge amount of cash. Along these lines, when I got back to Ethiopia after two or three years of study abroad, I said to myself that a net compensation of 10,000 birrs ought to be a lot enough to lead a respectable autonomous life in the country.

Much to my dismay that an individual who acquires a net compensation of 10,000 can lead nothing near a nice living. Tragically, this measure of net compensation or possibly a net compensation of fifteen thousand birrs a month is the sum that solitary an individual with quite a long while of involvement can acquire whenever recruited in a nearby privately owned business or legislative association.

Purchasing your own home with this measure of compensation is basically incredible. Leasing a fair home in itself is unfathomable. Purchasing even a trade-in vehicle is additionally impossible except if one can protect an advance with the help of the utilizing organization.

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