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Ethiopian new funny video 2021

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Getaneh, who is right now playing for St. George scored 25 objectives in the 30 matches of the at that point season while Yordanos Abay of Electric FC has been the record holder for a very long time through 24 objectives playing in 26 games in the 2000/2001 season.

Abubakir, a promising ability is stopping people in their tracks and has immediately commanded the notice of unfamiliar clubs. It is supposed that few unfamiliar clubs have shown interest in the forward.

Abubakir, who joined Coffee’s side in the 2017 season, has scored 15 objectives in the last 10 matches indenting in three cap stunts in the first round of games. The 2020/21 EPL season is in its match week 14 with the opposition hitting up.

After Ethiopian Coffee delegated Kassaye Arage, they are back destined for success set second on the table with 27 focuses, while Fasil sits on top of the table with 32 focuses.

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