Ethiopian orthodox wedding ceremony Engineer Melaku and Tigist

A social institution that is prevalent in society is marriage. The wedding ceremonies vary according to the culture of the society. Church marriage (sireate teklil) is a custom that is observed in Ethiopian Orthodox churches. Every procedure and event in the wedding ceremony has its own meanings and symbolic representations. Prior to the wedding, chores include looking at family trees and teaching the couple expectations. The next step is to send elders to the bride’s family. Once the bride’s family has given their approval, the wedding day can be set and the ceremony can begin. Transitioning from one position to another occurs frequently in human existence. During the transitional period, rituals are carried out. One of these ceremonies is the rite of passage. It is a customary celebration that signifies a person’s rise through the social ranks. One of the rites of passage is marriage. “A relationship between a man and a woman such that the children born to the woman are regarded as legitimate offspring of both parents,” is the definition of marriage. believes that marriage is a mystery or sacrament that has been established with God’s blessing during creation. These rights differ from culture to culture, and no one is widespread enough to offer a basis for defining marriage. He said that marriage is more of a spiritual road for the Orthodox Church, a quest for God and the mystery of oneness and love. When two people are married, various wedding rituals are observed. This essay focuses on religious marriages that occur in Ethiopian Orthodox churches because there are various forms.

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