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Ethiopian wedding dance by groom and bride

Ethiopian weddings are vibrant ceremonies that adhere to the country’s own wedding traditions. Even while many couples opt for modern weddings, many young people include old practices into their wedding ceremonies. The following are some of the most well-known wedding traditions in Ethiopia. Telosh takes place two days before to the wedding. As a wedding gift, the groom and his family give the bride a bridal gown or jewelry. The remaining guests then present their gifts to the bride, and everyone then sits down to eat. When the bride’s father arrives to pick her up, her entire family gathers outside to sing a traditional song declaring that no one will be admitted. Once the bride’s family has given their approval, the groom must ask permission to enter and offer flowers to his bride. Friends and family follow her to the bridal car after she kisses the flowers. Knee kissing is one of the strangest Ethiopian wedding traditions. The bride and groom’s grandparents, as well as senior members of the extended family, wait for their grandchildren to arrive at the wedding hall. When the couple enters the room, they approach the elders of the family and kiss their knees to express their gratitude and affection. In exchange, the newlyweds receive the blessings of their grandparents. They will also be blessed if the couple’s parents live nearby. Meles is a post-wedding celebration held on the day following the wedding, usually in the evening or late at night.

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