Ethiopian wedding dance by the bride and bride’s maids

Ideally, one of your interests will be them, and one of theirs will be you, but it’s crucial to keep something separate from one another to maintain a feeling of self. Although your partnership is likely the most significant aspect of your lives, it is absolutely acceptable for it not to be the only one because you are both more than your current relationship. They weren’t a version of you; you fell in love with them for who they were.
The imbalance between me and us causes issues since spending too much time living separate lives might be just as harmful as not separating at all. Encourage them to pursue their passions. The ultimate line is that there must be a lot more good than evil. Anything that makes you feel horrible, such as eye rolling, sarcasm, the silent treatment, insults, judgments, ridiculing, nastiness, and emotional apathy, is considered negativity. It also takes a chainsaw to trust and closeness. It changes a relationship from one that nourishes its participants into one that starves them. An affectionate, close, and enjoyable relationship will be there if there is more positive energy present. Don’t pass judgment or offer criticism. Ever. You can still express your opinions, just don’t be rude about it. The glue that ties a relationship together is physical affection, which is more than just sex. It might be as basic as playing with her hair while watching TV or patting his back as you pass by. It comprises all forms of affectionate touch.

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