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Ethiopia’s capability of Defending GERD

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The Government is focused on making the forthcoming decisions free, reasonable, and majority rule and is resolved to keep working with all partners to make it so. While outer spectators could increase the value of reinforce the nature of constituent cycles, they are neither fundamental nor important to confirm the validity of a political decision. The legitimacy and authenticity of Ethiopia’s political race are resolved exclusively by Ethiopian laws, Ethiopian organizations, and eventually, by individuals of Ethiopia. The Government of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia has learned with the failure of the choice of the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy to drop the organization of its perception mission for the impending general races.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia said in a proclamation that “Ethiopia has learned with dissatisfaction” the EU’s choice to drop its arranged political race perception mission to Ethiopia. The Ministry further said that “it is exceptionally heartbreaking to have discovered that the issue of correspondences hardware was advanced as a major issue for the EU to notice quite possibly the most expected popularity based decisions in the nation’s set of experiences,” adding that the “request has come as an astonishment to the Government of Ethiopia, as none of these components was a bone of conflict in past races. ”

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