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Ethiotimes Daily Ethiopian News on 26 feb 2021

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The PM’s remain on the Wolkait case. It is to be reviewed that the Federal Government reported in its February 24th, 2021 proclamation, the advancements on compassionate help, global media admittance to the area, and continuous examinations for supposed wrongdoings.

Likewise, we wish to assert that philanthropic offices have now been given liberated admittance to help in the area. Besides, the Government of Ethiopia will keep dealing with all culprits following intensive examinations concerning affirmed violations in the locale through our Federal foundations.

In such manner, the Government invites worldwide specialized help to attempt the examinations just as welcomes the possibility to team up on joint examinations.

The Government of Ethiopia by and by repeats its obligation to empowering a steady and quiet locale where its residents’ necessities are met and exemption doesn’t win for culprits of violations against humankind and wrongdoings against the state.

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