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Ethiotimes Daily Ethiopian News on 3 August 2021

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There are in excess of 76 thousand dislodged individuals from Afar and in excess of 200 thousand individuals uprooted from the Amhara area during the conflict. Abdi Alemehyu, who was delivered on bail in March 2021 was condemned to a half year in jail. Prior to July, Abdi was seen as liable for disregarding 443/1 of the reformatory code and the court requested that he ought to be gotten back to police authority and follow the coming court hearings from jail. The court concluded that Abdi has served a period of a half-year term and requested his delivery.

The Federal High court Lideta branch hostile to psychological warfare and protected second seat today has today condemned the three respondents blamed for having contributed to the death of Hachalu Hundesa.

While Tilahun Yami, the main respondent on the record who was seen as blameworthy of abusing against psychological warfare declaration 1176/2012 Article 3. was condemned to life in jail, the second respondent on the record, Kebede Gemechu who was seen as liable for abusing correctional codes 540 was condemned 18 years.

Hachalu Hundessa was brought into the world in Ambo in Oromia Region, Ethiopia, to Gudatu Hora and Hundessa Bonsa in 1986.[1] the child of Oromo guardians. Hundessa grew up singing in school clubs and tending dairy cattle. In 2003, at 17 years old, he was captured for partaking in fights. He was detained at Karchale Ambo for a very long time and later delivered in 2008. He was hitched to Fantu Demisse, with whom he has two girls.

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