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Ethiotimes daily Ethiopian news update on 17 May 2021

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What occurred around Hawzen town and Geralta Mountains. Hawzen is a town in northern Ethiopia. Situated in the Misraqawi (Eastern) Zone of the Tigray Region (or kilil), this town has a scope and longitude of 13°58′N 39°26′E with a height of 2105 meters above ocean level. Its market day is Wednesday. It is the biggest settlement in Hawzen woreda. In her inviting comments on the Symposium which has been coordinated under the topic “Culture, Tourism, and Sport for the thriving of Ethiopia”, the Minister of Culture and Tourism, Dr. Hirut Kassaw said such an occasion has a critical job in advancing vacation spot legacies of the country.

Speaker of the House of Federation, Aem Farah, while opening the discussion, focused on the need to adequately use the country’s travel industry assets as a component of the battle against financial difficulties. A few exploration papers have been postponed and examined by members.

Delegates of Higher Educational Institutions, Civic Society Organizations alongside senior government authorities and heads of a few public and private foundations have gone to the discussion. The primary Culture, Tourism, and Sports Symposium have been held in Addis Ababa within the sight of senior government authorities and delegates of the political local area.

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