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Ethiotimes Daily News July 27, 2021

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The contention between the writer Gobeze Sisay and ESAT. The Director-General of the World Food Program (WFP), David Beasley, has reported that the food stocks in Tigray will end on Friday. The sending of safety powers depended on a public safety hazard investigation and that the planning was a remarkable involvement with terms of innovation, as per the agent chief general. In spite of the fact that there were numerous elements that have made the political decision safe, Sisay especially expressed gratitude toward individuals for their help.

Predetermination Ethiopia Initiative Coordinator, Negusu Aklilu said the sixth General Election was unique in relation to different decisions in that the ideological groups met up to tackle their issues. The interest of the constituent board, government bodies, ideological groups, the media, common society associations, and different partners in the political decision measure was empowering, he noted.

He further referenced the impartiality of the legal executive, the security powers, and the media was better than anyone might have expected. Ethiopian News Agency CEO, Seife Derbe reviewed that there were inward and outer powers attempting to disturb the political decision. Nonetheless, he focused on that both the private and public news sources worked related for Ethiopia to win the political race.

The media are assuming a critical part in relieving the endeavors to annihilate Ethiopia even after the post-political decision time frame, he called attention to. Members of the conversation on their part said the political decision is a stage forward in Ethiopia’s popular government building.

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