“Even if I am diabetic I am very happy…” musician Teshome

Happiness is forged, forged, chosen; it is not found. The existence of the ideal job, home, and life does not guarantee contentment. You make the decision to get out of bed, to be grateful for what you have, and to create a life that makes you happy. Obviously, not everyone is living their #BestLife. Sometimes events beyond our control knock us off our feet and cause us to reach our lowest point. Need I say more? Bankruptcy, divorce, discrimination, death, devastation, and false accusations. Sometimes the world can be a very unpleasant and harsh place. One thing defines life: perspective. All you need to do is alter your perspective on life because your reality is shaped by your perspective. Your life is made up of a variety of thoughts that have been implanted in your brain, and it shapes how you view the world. We are just like a blank sheet of paper when we are born. Boys are gross, transformers are the best, and I love my mom are among the most common beliefs we hold as children. But as we mature, other people instill their beliefs, ideals, and values in us. Each week, a new value is sown and grows, obstructing your ability to see yourself as you truly are. There are a lot of other people’s drawings on that once-white piece of paper. As a result of adopting so many other people’s values and opinions as our own, we eventually find ourselves lost with no idea of where our home is. As a result, we bumble about life, saying things we don’t fully understand why we say them or even believe them, and then we wonder why we are so unhappy. All we want is to be at home, secure, and content, just like when we were kids and life wasn’t so difficult, conflicting, and perplexing.

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