Even though I could find my mom I found all my family

A mother is someone who, despite your shortcomings, loves and supports you wholeheartedly. She is your best friend, confidante, and biggest supporter. She offers direction and insight to assist you in navigating life. A mother is a pillar of stability and strength who is there for you no matter what. She is a gift from life that we should be grateful for. Your mother’s love is the first love you experience after coming into the world. To be completely honest, you can already sense a mother’s love and concern before you are even born. Whether you look at the human or animal kingdom, the value and necessity of a mother in a child’s existence are unending. Your mother will undoubtedly come in first if you ask me who is the most significant person in my life. not just because she carried you, looked after, fed, and gave birth to you, but also because she continued to take care of you after you were born. In our lives, mothers play a variety of functions. Early on, she takes on the role of carer. During a child’s motor development stages, she takes on the role of an activity coordinator. Later, she adopts the role of a teacher and imparts manners and fundamental life skills to her child. Mom evolves over the years into a companion, mentor, and confidante.

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