Every word he speaks makes me love him more

Maybe you’re picturing a physically aggressive companion. On the other hand, a spouse who has strict rules about what they can and cannot wear. Despite the hazards that these practices pose, there are many more subtle symptoms of a controlling relationship. Some people are completely oblivious that they are in a controlling relationship. Whether or not these tendencies lead to more serious emotional or physical abuse, they are harmful.
We asked Val Holden, a relationship and family therapist, for some warning signs to look for and advice on what to do if you or your partner are using control and manipulation.
A “controlling relationship” occurs when one partner exerts undue control over the other. You may be in a dominating relationship if your partner regularly makes you feel afraid, uneasy, or guilty. Abuse in a relationship occurs when one spouse exerts undue influence over the other. As Val says, abuse can take many forms, including psychological, physical, emotional, sexual, financial, and spiritual.

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