Everybody is Gondar for Timket celebration

The traditional Epiphany celebration, which honors Jesus Christ’s baptism in the Jordan River under the direction of John the Baptist, is known in Ge’ez as timkat. Epiphany refers to the revelation of the Trinitarian God’s mystery, in which the Holy Spirit manifested itself as a dove at the Jordan River during Jesus’ baptism and God the Father attested to Jesus’ sonship. Timkat is a religious ritual that initiates a child into the Christian faith. The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church, which may be as old as Christianity itself, is in charge of the annual Timkat celebration, which takes place on January 19. According to the Bible, the first baptism took place while an Ethiopian eunuch was on an official visit to Jerusalem. Around the time of Epiphany, which traditionally calls for lavish annual celebrations among Christians in Ethiopia, the first mystery of the Christian faith is revealed. On January 19, the Ethiopian Orthodox Church conducts an annual ceremony that is very colorful. Ethiopian flags are flown everywhere in the city, but especially in the locations near the path leading to the baptismal pool. Women in particular wear clothing with the colors green, yellow, and red to represent the Ethiopian flag and the rainbow, which together represent the covenant between God and man. The annual Timkat celebration in Gondar, also known as the Camelot of Africa, is a vibrant event. The annual festival of the Epiphany is typically a popular destination for both domestic and international tourists.

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