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everybody thinks he is younger than me

And, dare we say it, practically all girls feel safe and, dare we say it, even confident in their presence. Every girl’s ideal conversationalist is a shy guy. They don’t say much and are excellent at just listening to the female. We adore a shy, cute guy who can simply observe us, grin to himself, and listen to what we have to say. Girls, on the other hand, usually invariably fall for a shy guy when still in high school or college, and never in the job. Girls have crushes on cute quiet males because they’re mysterious and stand out from the crowd of bold smooth talkers. When a fantastic person starts pursuing a female, though, she forgets about the bashful guy. They’re good listeners and respectful to others. This isn’t a good indicator because you definitely don’t want to be her friend. If you wish to date a female, you must inform her of your intentions. Around shy guys, girls feel powerful. Get drunk with a female and let her do whatever she wants with you; she’ll love it. And if you’re simply seeking for a fling, you’ll enjoy it as well. They despise a guy who is shy in the first discussion and even more so later. Even the shyest of men will nearly always open up after a number of discussions, so don’t be concerned. Shy guys have a lot of positive qualities.

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