Everything in the video was just acting

Empathy and Understanding: Acting frequently entails getting lost in the thoughts, feelings, and viewpoints of many characters. As a result, actors may grow more sympathetic and understanding towards others from different spheres of society, cultures, and backgrounds. Beyond the stage or the screen, this greater empathy may also affect how actors interact with others in their daily lives. Self-expression: Acting gives people a platform to express their emotions and creativity. Actors can discover more about themselves and their own emotions by taking on various personas and experiencing a variety of emotions. Self-awareness and the capacity for self-expression can support personal growth and development. Actors frequently need to work on their communication abilities to successfully portray feelings, thoughts. Confidence is a key component of stage presence when performing in front of an audience. Actors’ overall self-confidence can increase as they gain experience and grow more at ease with speaking in front of an audience and performing. This increased self-assurance will have a favourable impact on many facets of their lives. Acting fosters creativity and the capacity to think creatively and unconventionally. Actors frequently solve problems in a creative way, whether it’s coming up with new methods to depict a character or adjusting to unforeseen circumstances during live performances. A more inventive and original way of thinking might result from extending this creative attitude to various facets of life. Dramatic performances allow both actors and viewers to experience catharsis and emotional release.

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