Facial creams that you should avoid

Finding the best skin care products can be challenging because there are so many brands out there that use chemicals in their product lines that claim to increase radiance, minimize the appearance of fine lines, and lessen the look of dark under-eye circles. And although you should undoubtedly use some skin-boosting compounds (including ceramides, prebiotics, and salicylic acid), there are some that can be rather harmful to your skin and general health. Another significant beauty no-no is using hairspray as a makeup setting spray because the product’s high alcohol content will dry out (and irritate) your skin. Additionally, frequent use of it may result in acne. Lemons and other citrus fruits should also be avoided since they contain a component that can trigger a phototoxic reaction when exposed to sunlight. The skin often reacts to this in a way that resembles burning. Many people believe that cleaning their face with an alcohol-soaked cotton ball once per day can help eliminate excess oil and dry out skin that is prone to acne. While it will temporarily eliminate surface oil, it also depletes the skin’s natural oils, which are necessary for protection and to lessen skin inflammation.

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