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Facts about the millionaire Mensure Jemal

I was born in the Becho kebele of Ilibabur and attended primary school there before going to Metu High School for secondary school. I immediately started my own business after graduating from high school. I traveled to Addis Ababa in quest of new prospects after conducting some business in Metu and my hometown. I’ve directed films and founded a few businesses. However, because the environment was not conducive at the time, I relocated to Italy, Norway, Uganda, and Indonesia (my second home). I’m a successful businessman who aspires to be Ethiopia’s president. I own a variety of businesses in a range of industries, invest in a variety of companies, and assist those in need. Working with clients who are led by sociable and efficient leadership is a pleasure for me. The government and other bureaus have honored me for providing exceptional services to my community based on my lifetime of experience.

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