Famous Ethiopians on front with Abiy Ahmed

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A state-partnered Ethiopian TV channel has communicated film indicating to show the countrys Nobel harmony prize-winning top state leader on the battlefront of the countrys drawn out battle against Tigray powers, four days after he reported he would coordinate the military from that point.

Wearing military uniform, Abiy Ahmed asserted in the recording that the conflict was being led with an undeniable degree of achievement and alluded to areas on the line between the countrys Amhara and Afar locales, which neighbor Tigray.

A huge number of individuals have been killed in the conflict that ejected in November 2020 between Ethiopian powers and the Tigray powers who had since a long time ago ruled the public government before Abiy got to work in 2018. The public authority pronounced a highly sensitive situation this month as Tigray contenders drew nearer to the capital, Addis Ababa, and the US and others have advised their residents to leave right away.

Unfamiliar media have been banned from Tigray for a large part of the conflict, with interchanges joins cut off.

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