Fana Lamrot winner stage performance

However, when artists perform live, they seem to feel they must be impromptu and “wing it” on stage, which results in conflicting reactions from their audience. These same artists will respond “of course” when asked if they practice before recording. Artists struggle to comprehend the necessity of a vision and rehearsal in order for the live performance to be fantastic each and every time. Every one of us has experienced an amazing performance. You only need to look at the history of rock music to see some incredible performances. We can be made to feel whatever they want. And they can manipulate the audience like putty. Even though it’s crucial to have a strong singing voice, there are many incredible performers who don’t. This is due to the fact that a great performance involves many elements other than singing. Follow these straightforward advice before taking the stage if you want to sing beautifully. A list of the songs you’ll be performing is on the set list. However, it goes far beyond that! Consider your set list to be the storyline of a film. What do you hope to achieve with your vocal performance?
The songs in your set list should be organized in accordance with the conventional story arc, in my opinion. Take a look at Cinderella’s narrative arc. Beginning slowly, the plot picks up steam until Cinderella attends the ball and dances with the prince. The story becomes more dramatic as Cinderella is forced to leave and the energy levels drop at this point because the audience is ready for something new. Then, in a concluding series of events, the prince locates Cinderella and carries her off into ecstasy.
Start off by playing a simple song. Nothing too energizing. straight down the center.

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