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Father and daughter with the widest tongue ever

When Byron, 47, was assisting Emily with a school project in the library, he picked up a copy of the Guinness Book of Globe Records and found out that he had the largest tongue in the entire world. He discovered that his tongue was almost a centimeter wider than the previous record holder’s after taking a measurement. In Syracuse, New York, where he was born, he has gained some notoriety since his tongue was recognized as the biggest in the world.
“The book goes around the world, and it’s nice to see people’s replies on Facebook and stuff like that,” the project manager added. His daughter continued, “At first, I didn’t want to be involved, but we measured my tongue and discovered that it was wider [than the previous record holder’s tongue].”
Vicki, Byron’s wife, claims that her friends “make jokes about Byron’s tongue and our love life,” though she won’t comment further. We try to keep it clean, she said. We just sort of laugh it off because we are a good family with three young women living in the home.

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