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Federal Police announces the seizure of large quantities of illegally stored metal

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The Ethiopian Federal Police say they have discovered that the psychological oppressor bunch, has been utilizing different monetary organizations to deliver weighty harm on the nation’s economy and to complete its ruinous mission. The metal has been stowed away in 17 distribution centers and different spots, remembering strict establishments for Addis Ababa and Oromia State, said Ethiopian Federal Police Deputy Commissioner General Zelalem Mengiste.

He said they were esteemed at a few billion birrs and were captured during a new activity in a joint effort with the Oromia Police Commission and other security organizations. The official likewise said that the police are escalating their examinations by capturing the speculates engaged with this criminal behavior.

Agent Commissioner-General Zelalem Mengiste added, the government policy, in a joint effort with other security powers, has recognized and impeded in excess of six billion birrs up until now. It is additionally referenced that one of the shrewd deeds of the junta is to debilitate the country’s economy by squeezing the development area and making financial issues.

By escalated screening and investigation by the police, More than 1.2 million birrs were discovered unlawfully stowed away in a person’s home during an exhaustive inquiry activity. Police are researching the episode, as indicated by an assertion shipped off ENA.

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