Fegegita react with Meti from Shuk libelachihu show

The adage “the heart craves what the heart desires” is so true. We truly have no say over who we fall in love with. Love doesn’t seem to care if someone is younger or older, but we do. People are concerned about age differences because of the negative reputation they hold in society. As a result, when we develop feelings for people who aren’t our age group, we assume they are inappropriate. We often create barricades and withdraw to the mountains, but before discarding the idea of love, evaluate the maturity level of your potential mate. Don’t let the attached age number affect your decision if you’re both at the same maturity level. When you were younger, you may have had an older lover. Maybe this person wasn’t meant for you throughout your years of maturation, but you’ll reconnect once you’ve achieved a similar attitude. Perhaps this person entered your life at an inconvenient time to teach you something. It could have happened for a reason in any case. Even if he’s 30 and you’re 20, he’s as bewildered as you are about his life. Although a 10-year age difference can seem scary, you are both experiencing similar life events. I’m not sure why that number should stop two lovebirds from thriving. Of sure, he’s been on this world longer than you, but that doesn’t mean he knows more about where he is in life. You’ve already won half of the battle.

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