Fegegita react with Samon Zemas

“The heart craves what the heart desires,” as the cliché goes. We have absolutely no control over who we fall in love with. Love doesn’t seem to mind if the person is young or elderly, but we do. Because of their unfavorable reputation in society, people are concerned about age gaps. As a result, we assume that developing feelings for people who aren’t our age group is unacceptable. We often build barricades and retreat to the mountains, but before dismissing the thought of love, consider your potential mate’s maturity level. If you’re both at the same maturity level, don’t allow the attached age number influence your decision. You may have had an older lover when you were younger. Perhaps this individual wasn’t meant for you during your formative years, but you’ll reconnect once you’ve developed a similar outlook. Maybe this individual came into your life at an inopportune moment to teach you something. In any case, it could have happened for a cause. Even if he’s 30 and you’re 20, he’s as perplexed by his life as you are. Although a 10-year age gap can seem intimidating, you are both going through similar life experiences. I’m not sure why that amount should be enough to keep two lovebirds apart. Sure, he’s been around longer than you, but it doesn’t imply he has a better understanding of where he is in life. You’ve already taken the upper hand in half of the battle.

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