Female artists Ruta, Amleset, Hanan and Nigist dance on a wedding

When someone is around you, pay attention to their body language to see if they are trying to hide anything from you. When they are with you, does the person feel at ease and welcomed? It is challenging for someone who hides their emotions to maintain their calm. One indication that someone is concealing their affections for you is if their gesture does not convey openness, relaxation, and calmness around you. People with relaxed body postures tend to be more open and truthful about their emotions. You might choose to ignore it, but it is an indication that a relationship is exhibiting some certainty and concealing sentiments from you when someone consistently shows their concern for you, your friends call and text you, invite you out, and try to listen to you. Keep in mind to observe how people act in your presence and around your interests. When someone makes frequent eye contact with you, it’s one indication that they’re trying to hide their emotions from you. Do they stare intently into your eyes when you speak for a long time? If the response is in the affirmative, the person may be really interested in you but masking feelings. One approach to improve a relationship with someone is to make eye contact. It implies that I value and pay attention to you. Therefore, if you see someone staring at you with admiration, they are trying to hide their love for you. By seeing how they make time for your needs, you may psychologically determine if someone likes you. Even though they’re trying to hide their love for someone, they are available when needed. People that are hiding their feelings think that being available will make you happy and ought to be more upfront about their motivations. They are the first to arrive at your event, they help you, and they make sure everything runs as you want it to.

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