Fikir is my cowork….let me show a picture of my wife

Men and women can undoubtedly be friends. Mutual trust and respect underpin friendship, not sexual attraction. However, she concedes that it frequently leads to something more. If both parties are single, that’s fantastic. A love relationship that develops from friendship and continues to the “next level” will have a much stronger basis than one that started with a one-night encounter at a bar. Is there an exception to the rule? “The most difficult exception is when one side struggles to see the connection as a friendship and the other has his or her amorous sights set on other beaches.” If you suspect you have feelings for your friend, she advises you to approach with care. Any unexpected moves may cause an uneasy sense of discomfort if your friend is caught off guard, even if he or she is ultimately open to pursuing a romantic relationship. Before revealing your emotions, proceed with caution. Seek advice from trusted friends, relatives, and confidantes who are familiar with both of you and can serve as an objective sounding board for you. For example, your friends may ask you if your friendship has ever grown into something more, forcing you to think about it. Another possibility: If you’ve recently been dumped or are feeling lonely, you may look around and choose the nearest person to you to pursue a relationship with. She basically says it’s complicated. And you must sort through your emotions to see what is causing them. If you do decide to take your friendship with your friend to the next level, be honest but cautious in how you express your thoughts.

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