Filfilu and Tilahun Zewege on sak tera

Businesses fear employing comedy in their interactions with customers, despite the fact that consumers want brands to make them grin and laugh. People are looking for new experiences that make them grin and laugh, says a recent study from Oracle and Gretchen Rubin, a five-time New York Times bestselling author and podcaster. Consumers will actually reward humorous brands with loyalty, advocacy, and repeat business while shunning those that don’t. In a marriage, love develops. Although it could begin as attraction or even passion, something deeper eventually emerges. The attraction may lessen over time as a couple’s relationship develops. The couple’s dedication to one another and the fulfillment they derive from their union can cause feelings of love to grow more intense. The couple’s sense of intimacy and connection as well as their marital bond are strengthened by these favorable emotions.
In a marriage, love between the partners improves both their physical and mental wellbeing. It instills a sense of vitality and purpose in the partners. It may assist them in overcoming difficulties and depression. The ability to face life’s challenges is instilled by having a supportive spouse and not being isolated. Thus, there is a sense of hope where people can thrive rather than giving in to challenges, illness, and despair. It also helps each spouse feel more confident, which increases life satisfaction and longevity. What are some ways that couples show their affection? For some people, saying “I love you” out loud is not required. Instead, actions speak volumes about a person’s level of concern for another.

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