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Final Fighting Arrives

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That is the explanation the aims and necessities of these lost children are so farfetched and crazy. Not having the choice to acquire from the TPLF yesterday is fairly disastrous. Right when he rises, he is castigated. Take control when you feel strong and pompous, kin – regardless, the switch will cause your commotion. In case you think your undermining individual is dead and you think he is dead, be wary and keep an eye out. Hold speedy to the real world.

Thusly, appreciate that Shimeles Abdisa’s talk doesn’t mean something other than enlightening himself on time. Acknowledge it as a shock. Honestly, disastrously such thinking has happened in the 21st century. This current man’s forebears were the masters of Ethiopia – every Friday in Gondar and Shewa. Sovereign Galaudius was an Oromo, Emperor Menelik was an Oromo; Emperor Haile Selassie was Oromo; Fitawrari Dingede (Abba Mela) was Oromo; The leader of the social affair was Mengistu H. Mariam Oromo; His partners were Lt. Gen. Tesfaye G/Kidan and Tesfaye Dinka Oromo; … . Absence is awful – it requires four or 500 years to return and outwardly debilitated the guerrilla reasoning of “seek after it” and this heap of non-Amhara rulers and warlords have never failed to zero in transit that Aromanian is the typical language of the country. The Tigrean Emperor Yohannes, who bought Amharic, didn’t believe that it is difficult to make Tigrinya the public language. Regardless, those Ethiopians didn’t give up since they understood that people and language were characteristically inconsistent with this time of numbskulls.

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